Available courses

Course image Foundations in Community Disability Studies (Online)
Mentor-led Online Training

Foundations in Community Disability Studies has been a core educational resource offered by the Alberta Council of Disability Services (ACDS) since 2005. This version of the course is a blended model, combining online study with face-to-face activities between each learner and their mentor.

Course image Foundations in Community Disability Studies (Tests Only)
In-Service Tutor Training Resources

A version of Foundations that contains only the self-tests and final tests. To be used to support in-house tutors in delivering Foundations during the lockdown due to Covid-19.

Course image Advanced Skills in Positive Behaviour Support
Self-paced Online Training

Online version of the Advanced Skills in Positive Behaviour Support course. Prerequisite: Each learner should have completed Introduction to Positive Behaviour Support course, or demonstrated work experience in behaviour planning (at least one year).

Course image CET Survey Preparation Toolkit
Self-paced Online Training

A set of videos explaining how to prepare and submit Self Study Guide documents for the  Creating Excellence Together Accreditation survey conducted by the Alberta Council of Disability Services.  

Course image Introduction to Positive Behaviour Supports
Self-paced Online Training

The online version of the Introduction to Positive Behaviour Supports (PBS) course offered by ACDS.

Course image PBS: Refresher for Trainers
Self-paced Online Training

This module contains a recorded overview of the new Introduction to PBS curriculum offered by ACDS, for existing trainers.

Course image Quality Supports, Safe Staff
Self-paced Online Training

Safety training is most effective where it is supported by a strong safety culture on an ongoing basis. The course will equip all community disability staff with the knowledge and tools to create an environment where workers feel empowered to take initiative on safety within their work every day. Participants will learn how to develop a safe and healthy workplace strategy that produces engagement at all levels of the organization.

Course image Fundamentals of Mentoring


Human service organizations today are increasingly recognizing the value of mentoring as a means for building organizational capacity and leadership, and the important role that mentors can play in the creation of a strong workforce. In Alberta‚Äôs disability service sector, agency-based mentors are making important contributions by supporting agency staff enrolled in the Foundations in Community Disability Studies Program. In this role, mentors make the bridge between theory and practice, and contribute to the professionalism of community disability services. 

The Fundamentals of Mentoring mini-course has been designed to provide agency-based mentors with the skills and knowledge to fulfill this important role.

  • Unit 1. Introduction to Mentoring
  • Unit 2. Mentor Roles
  • Unit 3. Mentoring Skills: Active Listening and Effective Questioning
  • Unit 4. Mentoring Skills: Assessment and Feedback

Each Unit is designed to take one to two hours to complete.  Optional activities and additional resources are provided if you wish to extend and expand your study of the topics in each unit.

Please visit our website to enroll in the course online. Feel free to contact training@acds.ca for any additional questions.