Human service organizations today are increasingly recognizing the value of mentoring as a means for building organizational capacity and leadership, and the important role that mentors can play in the creation of a strong workforce. For example, in Alberta‚Äôs disability services sector, agency-based mentors are making important contributions by supporting agency staff enrolled in the Foundations in Community Disability Studies Program. In this role, mentors make the bridge between theory and practice, and contribute to the professionalization of community disability services.

This mini-course has been designed to provide learners to take on the role of an agency-based mentor. The skills and knowledge essential to providing strong mentorship are addressed in the four units:

  1. Introduction to Mentoring
  2. Mentoring Skills: Active Listening and Effective Questioning
  3. Mentoring Skills: Assessment and Feedback
  4. Attitudes of an Effective Mentor

Each unit is designed to be completed in 1-2 hours. Optional activities and additional resources are provided for learners seeking to extend and expand their study of the topics in each unit.

Please visit our website to enroll in the course. Contact if you have questions.

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